Learn Peacock : Technique to Creation

Unlock the secrets of crafting exquisite peacock mehndi art

About the course

You will get :

  • Prerecorded sessions
  • Worksheet materials
  • Certificate of completion 
  • 1 year validity


This course is designed to teach you the intricate details of creating beautiful peacock designs in mehndi art. You will learn the techniques and patterns to bring out the elegance and grace of peacocks in your mehndi designs.

You will learn :

  •  In depth technique to create peacock 
  • Basic peacock variations (paisley peacock to peacock motifs)
  • Intricate peacock for traditional mehndi design 
  • Small baby peaocock use in border and finger elements 
  • Different art approach while creating peacock
  • Pichchvai style peacock  
  • Bandhani style peacock 
  • Kalamkari peacock
  • Mandala style peacock
  • Sanjhi style peacock
  • 3 D peacock
  • Dancing peacock
  • Peacock with monuments (Modern Style )
  • Cutwork style peacock 
  • Use of peacock in designs 

Key Highlights:

  • Master the art of creating stunning peacock designs
  • Learn the techniques to add depth and dimension to your mehndi art
  • Discover how to incorporate traditional peacock motifs into modern designs
  • While creating different art inspired peacock learn in depth techniques related to those art.
  • Learn advance technqiues such as line work for finest detail, contrast and depth, shading, cutwork, lotus creationc etc.

What you will learn:

  • Enhance Your Skills
    Learn to create intricate peacock designs with finesse
  • Master Techniques
    Discover the secrets behind realistic peacock patterns
  • Blend Tradition with Modernity
    Explore how to fuse traditional peacock motifs into contemporary mehndi art

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